This page will list all of my ongoing and historical side projects.



I felt like I never had an intuitive sense for math, so I am using Brilliant. I plan to take all of the math courses on there.


  • Mathematical Fundamentals
  • Physics of the Everyday
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry


  • Calculus in a Nutshell


I took piano lessons as a kid, and then stopped practicing some time in high school. I resumed playing in 2020 when I bought a keyboard. I record some of the pieces I play on the piano here.


The pandemic has hit me hard in terms of fitness, mostly due to the lack of resistance training and less overall movement. I am running and weightlifting on alternating days, and I’ll try and go on a few walks a day.



I learned Chinese in high school, stopped in college, sporadically brushed it up if I was visiting somewhere around China. I resumed for a few months during quarantine and reached an A2 level, being able to read and write 800 characters and 600 words. However, I realized I didn’t enjoy it and wasn’t going to get much use out of it so I stopped to focus on other projects.