This page will list all of my ongoing and historical side projects.


This website

I’ve been blogging in various forms since March 2016. I had a flurry of activity then, and then until late 2019 I didn’t do any blogging. I get a few thousand visitors a month to this website. You can see the commits I make over time here.


I took piano lessons as a kid, and then stopped practicing some time in high school. I resumed playing in 2020 when I bought a keyboard. I record some of the pieces I play on the piano here. You can see the minutes of music practice I do here.


I felt like I never had an intuitive sense for math, so I am using Brilliant. I plan to take all of the math courses on there. You can track the time I spend on that app here.

I’ve completed the Mathematical Fundamentals course and am currently taking the Number Theory course. I’m also working my way through the Physics of the Everyday.

I also do Project Euler problems, which are recreational math problems designed to be solved with the assistance of a computer.


I learned Chinese in high school, stopped in college, sporadically brushed it up if I was visiting somewhere around China, and resumed in earnest in mid 2020. My current methodology is to study Skritter flashcards and do lessons or consume media to practice. My goal is to reach TOCFL Level 3 (B1) with a vocabulary of 2500 words and roughly 1500 characters by May 2021. My vocabulary is 662 characters and 456 compound words. Right now, I’m studying HSK3 and TOCFL A1 and am about 74% complete with each.

You can track the time I spend studying Skritter flashcards here, and the time I spend doing every other form of practice (like lessons, books, and TV) here.


I haven’t invested too much in this. I’ll go on 4 runs a week of any duration. Usually I’ll run about 3.5 miles, though I’ll sometimes run 1 if I’m oncall at work. I also do yoga every day to try and replace resistance training during the pandemic.

You can track the number of times I go running here.